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June 1, 2006

CUA Nursing Professor Receives National Educator Award

Sister Rosemary Donley, S.C.

Sister Rosemary Donley, S.C., professor of nursing, will receive the 2006 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Community/Public Health Nursing Education from the Association of Community Health Nursing Educators at its annual meeting this weekend in Pasadena, Calif.

Sister Donley is being honored for her development of three CUA master's programs that prepare students for leadership roles in community and public health nursing. Together, they are called the Care of Vulnerable People programs.

"An urgent need exists for nurses with advanced preparation who can improve the quality of health care by developing educational programs for vulnerable individuals and communities," says Nalini Jairath, dean of the School of Nursing. "This tribute to Sister Rosemary Donley acknowledges her continuous efforts to improve the care of these members of our society."

The original program, which was launched in 2000 with a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, prepares advanced practice clinical nurse specialists to care for at-risk groups, such as immigrants, minorities, the underinsured and the uninsured. The other two programs, also funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, prepare students to step into one of two sets of dual roles: community and public health/family nurse practitioner in one case, and community and public health/clinical nurse specialist educator in the other case.

According to Jairath, the three programs focus on "health promotion, risk reduction and transforming current scientific knowledge into concrete, meaningful action."

Fifty-five students have joined the Care of Vulnerable People programs since their inception. Faculty include Sister Donley; Sister Mary Jean Flaherty, S.C., professor; Sharon Dudley Brown, associate professor; Eileen Sarsfield, adjunct assistant professor; and Ph.D.-candidate Heidi Maloni.

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