The Catholic University of America

Nov. 21, 2006

CUA Recognized by Hess for "Best in Class" Energy Management

Hess Energy Marketing recognized The Catholic University of America as "Best in Class" for energy management practices in a white paper for universities.

In "Smart Energy Purchasing for Institutions of Higher Learning: How to Save Money in the Education Sector," a case study on CUA recognized the school for saving hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last six years on its energy purchasing, while avoiding $450,000 in future costs.

The paper quoted Bob Burhenn, director of energy and utilities management for CUA. He explained how the university is able to save money through a "conservatively aggressive" approach to the energy market.

He said the university takes advantage of energy conservation, careful budgeting and fuel switching - swapping between natural gas and fuel oils based on favorable pricing. In January 2006, Burhenn decided to burn natural gas instead of fuel oil and as a result received a refund check for $34,000.

While some schools measure their energy costs and budget per square foot, CUA has measured its efficiency and costs based on dollars per student since 2001. This way, the costs can be factored into tuition since tuition is used to cover much of the energy budget.

"Dollar per student is a better predictor of budget, because students change more frequently than the amount of square feet," Burhenn said in the paper.

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