The Catholic University of America

President's Medal
Mabel C. McGlothlin
Longtime Employee and Friend of the University

Mabel McGlothlin, Father O'Connell and Provost John Convey

For almost 30 years, Mabel McGlothlin, the senior executive assistant to the provost, has served as one of the pillars of The Catholic University of America's administrative staff. Her efforts helped ensure professors were hired, classes were taught, critical milestones were met and, of particular importance to all the students and their families sitting here today, that commencement ceremonies took place with all the pomp and circumstance appropriate for the occasion.

Following her arrival at CUA in 1979, Mrs. McGlothlin quickly became one of the university's most indispensable staff members. She worked for five senior administrators during her tenure, providing the sort of support, continuity and deep institutional knowledge that proved invaluable to those who directed university business and academics.

Over the years, through her intelligence, diligence, experience and engaging personality, Mrs. McGlothlin acquired the kind of clout that ensured things got done. She frequently worked with the CUA executive team and academic deans while rallying other members of the CUA faculty and staff to help coordinate various projects. She has functioned as a de facto hiring expert for faculty and professional staff, especially in the days before many of those duties moved to the Office of Human Resources. She long served as the building supervisor for McMahon Hall, where the Office of the Provost is located. Her broad knowledge of the day-to-day operational functions of the university have made her an authority with the custodial, grounds and maintenance staff, many of whom lovingly referred to her as "Miss Mabel."

"Mabel knows everyone on campus, and all know who she is - I believe she is the most widely known and respected staff member on campus," said Provost John Convey, who worked with Mrs. McGlothlin for the past decade. "Mabel has a reputation for doing things just right - it is well deserved. Everything she does is first-class."

Earlier this year, Mrs. McGlothlin retired from Catholic University. As a way of offering thanks and a fond farewell to one of the most accomplished and beloved members of the CUA community, it is fitting that we honor her today with the university's highest honor, the President's Medal.