The Catholic University of America

April 17, 2007

Experts on Public Tragedies and Grieving Available at CUA

Experts at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., are available to discuss the psychology of mass shootings as well as a community's grief in the wake of the murders April 16 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. The experts also can discuss the psychological impact of the events on the Virginia Tech community as well as the nation. For assistance in reaching sources, contact Chris Harrison or Katie Lee at 202-319-5600.

  • MASS SHOOTINGS - Cathleen Gray, associate professor of social work, can discuss ways for people to cope with their fear and anxiety stemming from mass shootings. Professor Gray has a private practice focusing on families and women's issues and frequently has provided media commentary on mental health issues - including fallout from Sept. 11, the Oklahoma City bombing and the Columbine school shootings.

    Gray can be reached at 202-537-5922 or by e-mail:

  • MURDER SUICIDE - David A. Jobes, professor of psychology and an expert in clinical suicidology, can discuss murder suicide and the suicide of an armed murder suspect. Jobes provides clinical and research consultation to various counseling centers, clinics, hospitals and research centers. He also maintains a part-time clinical practice, offers professional training and provides forensic consultation.

    He can be reached at 202-319-5761 or by e-mail:

    Media contact(s):
    · Chris Harrison, CUA Office of Public Affairs, 202-319-5600,
    · Katie Lee, CUA Office of Public Affairs, 202-319-5600,