The Catholic University of America

June 2, 2008

CUA Magazine Wins Five Catholic Press Awards

This Fall 2007 cover of CUA Magazine won a second place Catholic Press Award for best cover, four-color, large magazine.

On Friday, May 30, at the conclusion of its annual convention in Toronto, the Catholic Press Association announced the winners of its annual awards contest. CUA Magazine, which is mailed to more than 65,000 alumni and friends of the university, was honored with two first place awards, two second place awards and one honorable mention.

Following are the winning submissions and judge's comments:

Best feature article in a professional/special interest magazine (First place)
"Bigfamiliasauras: Is the Large Catholic Family Becoming Extinct?" by Maggie Master
This article is well written and well reported. The lead and opening quote really pull the reader in, along with the writer's use of description. The writing really flows. The writer makes good use of statistical detail to support the story, but doesn't let the number bog down the story.

Best personality profile (First place)
"A Brief History of Space" by Maggie Master
This piece stands out because it lets its readers see another side of the man leading NASA's future and takes the opportunity to, in short form, profile other lesser known NASA employees tied to CUA, making an interesting package for readers. The main profile effectively uses specifics from the NASA administrator's childhood and earlier years to help define how he got where he is today. The writing is clear and concise.

Best cover, four-color, large (Second place)
"The Record, the Broadcast and the Nazis" by Tony Fiorini and Donna Hobson
Good use of photography to convey the time period and a feeling of mystery being uncovered. Placement of the photo also provides nice negative space for the headline and nameplate at the top of the page. Reversed type of the head and subhead is clear and bold against a clean, dark background.

Best essay in a professional/special interest magazine (Second place)
"Value Family" by Very Rev. David M. O'Connell, C.M.
The writer wastes few words in making his point. He finds common ground for many readers, relates it to families today, and calls on readers to take action.

Best feature article in a professional/special interest magazine (Honorable mention)
"The Record, the Broadcast and the Nazis" by Maggie Master

All of the winning submissions except one were produced by the staff of CUA's Office of Public Affairs. The winning essay was written by the university president.

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