The Catholic University of America

Dec. 10, 2007

Catholic University's Law School Launches New Academic Journal

The student executive board for the law school's new journal flank its faculty editor: Emily Khoury, executive editor; Andrew Wichmann, book review editor; Professor William Wagner, faculty editor; Adam Weaver, editor-in-chief; and Michael Pepson, managing editor.

CUA's Center for Law, Philosophy and Culture and the university's Columbus School of Law have released the inaugural issue of the Journal of Law, Philosophy and Culture.

The annual journal, co-edited by a student executive board and a faculty editor with the assistance of an associate faculty editor, focuses on the relationship of law and culture. Its purpose is to promote scholarly inquiry into the significance of law and legal institutions for culture and the common good. The journal aims to be a forum for scholarship on this question, situated in jurisprudence, legal and moral philosophy, social sciences and the humanities.

"About two years ago, [the law school's] Dean Veryl Miles observed that the Center for Law, Philosophy and Culture had published a number of the outstanding proceedings from its national and international conferences as essays in different journals," explains law Professor William Wagner, director of the center and faculty editor of the new journal. The conference participants/essayists included many of the nation's leading scholars and law professors.

Dean Miles suggested to Professor Wagner that the law school should have a journal of its own where this consistent approach and high quality of scholarship related to law, culture and philosophy would find a home.

"Coincidentally, at the same time," says Wagner, "CUA law students who had a keen interest in jurisprudence - the philosophy of law - came to me and said they hoped to participate in the founding of a journal in that field."

Contributing authors on the inaugural theme of the "Idea of Public Reason: Achievement or Failure?" include Wagner, E.J. Dionne Jr., William Galston, Kent Greenawalt, John Haldane, Michael McConnell, Jeremy Waldron, Nicholas Wolterstorff and Paul Weithman.

One of the nationally regarded scholars who says he plans to contribute to the journal, Professor Robert Audi of the University of Notre Dame, sent his "best wishes for the difficult work, and the immense service, of editing a journal devoted to such important and complex topics."

Emily Khoury, a CUA law student, explains why she decided to become the journal's student executive editor. "This journal offers an interdisciplinary approach that no other journal on our law school's campus did, with attention from top-tier authors in the field, and a strong faculty and institutional support from Professor Wagner and other law school deans and faculty members. Being involved in this venture has been challenging at times, exciting at others, and always fulfilling."

The Catholic University of America community celebrated the inaugural issue with a reception hosted by the student editorial board in the law school atrium on Nov. 27.

For more information, contact Tom Haederle at 202-319-5438.