The Catholic University of America

Sept. 27, 2007

International Philosophy Scholars Participating in Seminar at CUA

Discussion Examines Emerging Philosophy in a Global World

A team of scholars from around the world is in residence at Catholic University participating in a seminar through the end of October that is examining the enrichment of philosophy from the full breadth of human cultures in order to evolve a more adequate vision of philosophy for the newly globalized world.

Titled "Philosophy Emerging from Culture," the seminar is co-sponsored by the international Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, which is based at Catholic University, and CUA's Center for the Study of Culture and Values.

The seminar is addressing topics such as the dynamics of change, the nature of cultures and the challenge of the global interchange of civilizations. The seminar encourages participants to delve more deeply into their own cultures in order to contribute to the work of "rethinking philosophy," which will be the topic of the next World Congress of Philosophy, says Rev. George F. McLean, professor emeritus of philosophy, director of the center and secretary of the international council.

"Cultures and civilizations reflect the cumulative response of the different parts of humankind in responding to the working of the Spirit in their lives," Father McLean says. "The contemporary urgency of this theme lies in the fact that professional philosophy thus far has been a distinctively Western effort, whereas we live now in an increasingly global context. Awareness of, and sensitivity to, the full range of cultures and civilizations becomes more urgent daily; and its absence more dangerous."

Seminar participants hail from China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Russia, Germany, Lebanon and Zimbabwe.

Later in the academic year, the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy will publish a selection of papers written and discussed by seminar participants as part of its 200-volume series "Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change," which is distributed to 350 university libraries across the globe.

The seminar meets every Thursday through Oct. 30 from 9:30 a.m. to noon in Room B12, Gibbons Hall. Faculty and graduate students are invited to attend. Those who wish to participate must contact Father McLean at 202-319-5910 or

MEDIA: For more information about the seminar or to request an interview with Rev. George F. McLean, contact Katie Lee or Mary McCarthy at 202-319-5600.


The Center for the Study of Culture and Values at The Catholic University of America is dedicated to publishing books that apply cultural heritage studies to contemporary global interchange. Established in 1977 and fully incorporated within the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, the center mobilizes and unites international academic groups and research teams specializing in cultural heritage and values. The center has published more than 150 books and hosts an annual 10-week interdisciplinary seminar at CUA, bringing together philosophers, scholars and opinion leaders from around the world.