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Christian Male
I really enjoyed the article in your last issue on that men’s group called Esto Vir on CUA’s campus. It’s just the thing we should be promoting. It’s so rare these days to find men being encouraged to treat women with dignity and to grow in virtue as gentlemen. May Esto Vir grow in number!

Kevin Offner
Doctoral Student, School of Theology and Religious Studies
Washington, D.C.

Grieving the Loss of Friends
I was both delighted and saddened to see the picture in your magazine of my two great friends and classmates, Dick Galiher and Bill Schuyler. Happy just to see their faces but saddened because of Bill’s recent death. Had I been more ambulatory, I would have attended the Senators Club luncheon with my son, Michael, also a CUA graduate.

John M. Wigglesworth
B.A. 1935
Chester, Md.

A large familySeven and Counting
CUA Magazine’s Summer 2007 article entitled “Bigfamiliasaurus: Is the Large Catholic Family Headed Toward Extinction?” made me smile.

My wife, Carmen Dominguez, and I met in our freshman year at CUA. We both graduated in 1984, with her bachelor’s degree in philosophy and mine in civil engineering. Upon graduation, I was commissioned into the Air Force and spent the next 23 years traveling around the world as a civil engineering officer. Carmen and I jointly agreed that she would leave the workforce in order to focus her attention on raising a family while we were in the military. Through all this, we have been completely open to bringing new life into this challenging world.

Through the blessings of God, we welcomed our newest addition to the Garcia family on July 8. Javier Agustin is our seventh child.

Having a large family is not easy, but I simply cannot imagine life without every one of my “little ninjas”! Each of our other children (from ages 5 to 17) plays an important role as they carry out their assigned duties around the house. Trust me, at the dinner table it can get loud, but it’s a “happy” loud!

Big families are a blessing, not a burden. We normally get double-takes when people see our entire “squad” together. We’re very proud of each of our children, and we believe we are raising good Catholic individuals who will one day make a positive difference in their communities. Long live the Bigfamiliasaurus. It’s not an endangered species; it’s a special gift from God.

Col. Efren Garcia
O’Fallon, Ill.

NASA Connections
I was pleased to read in the spring CUA Magazine about the many connections Catholic University has with NASA. I have a tie, too, with both NASA and CUA.

I graduated from Case Institute of Technology in 1966 with a B.S. in astronomy. I used my education for eight years working for NASA contractors. In 1969 I was employed with IBM, where I was responsible for generating commands needed to control a number of small scientific satellites. When one satellite, a solar observatory, was launched into orbit, it had a horrible orientation; it was supposed to be looking directly at the sun but its direction was off by 70 degrees! I was told I had 12 hours to correct the problem since the on-board battery only lasted that long.

I was used to seeing the commands I sent to satellites only move a spacecraft’s position by one or two degrees a day; now I was supposed to use the same controls to move this satellite 30 or 40 times as far and in just a half a day! Well, I somehow got my assignment done in nine hours. That action got my employer a nice bonus on our contract.

When NASA credited me with devising the plan that saved their $20 million satellite, I pointed out to my boss that he could use some of that bonus money to pay for my law school tuition at night at CUA! My boss went along with my idea and I wound up getting 90 percent of my law school tuition reimbursed. Consequently, I took what I had just learned about law, combined it with my knowledge of computers, and got in on the ground floor of law office automation working for the U.S. Department of Justice.

Stanley Croydon
J.D. 1973
Kensington, Md.

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