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Ray Nedohon, B.A. 1992 (A&S), married Jesse Blau on June 28. Ray plans to adopt Jesse’s 4-year-old daughter, Madison. They live in Crown Point, Ind. Ray continues to commute 60 miles to Chicago’s western suburbs where he runs a nonprofit medical organization. Following their wedding, Jesse quit her job to pursue being a soccer mom.

Scott Privat, B.A. 2001 (A&S), married Alison Clary on May 24. He also received his law degree from Loyola University New Orleans in May. They live in Crowley, La.

Sarah Vagley, B.A. 2001 (A&S), married Tim Middleton on May 9. She works for the investment management firm PIMCO and he works for the real estate-related Steadfast Companies in Orange County, Calif. They live in Costa Mesa.

Sarah Mowatt, B.A. 2002 (A&S), married Paul Sherman on May 25. They live in Alexandria, Va.

Sarah “Sally” Oram, B.A. 2003 (A&S), married Louis Santellano on June 14. Laura Collins, B.A. 2003 (A&S), was a bridesmaid, and a throng of CUA alums attended. Louis is a land surveyor with Terra Engineering in Chicago, and Sally teaches third grade at St. Stanislaus Catholic School in East Chicago, Ind. They live in Hammond.

Ellis M. Oster, B.A./M.A. 2003 (A&S), married Elizabeth E. Adam on July 12. Geoffrey K. Verhoff, B.A. 2003 (A&S), was the best man, while fellow alumni Ryan L. Ellis, B.A./M.A. 2000 (A&S), and Christopher J. Adams, B.A. 2001 (A&S), served as groomsmen. Oster is an associate attorney at Shapiro & DiCaro, LLP, in Rochester, N.Y. The couple lives in Canandaigua.

Christin Randall, M.S.W. 2003 (SOCSV), married Kevin Dougherty on Aug. 10, 2007. They live in Falls Church, Va.

Anthony Cataldo, B.S.Arch. 2004, M.Arch. 2005 (ARCH), married Naomi Susman on Sept. 6. They live in Baltimore.

Rick Craine, B.C.E. 2006 (ENGR), and Erin Crawford, B.A. 2006 (A&S), were married on July 28, 2007. They live in the Brookland section of Washington, D.C.

Kathryn M.V. Wasneski, B.A. 2006 (A&S), married Sgt. Timothy J. Maurer (USMC) on June 14. They live in Jacksonville, N.C., where Tim is stationed. They will honeymoon in Jamaica upon his return from a seven-month tour in Iraq.

Rebecca Jackson, B.A. 2008 (A&S), married Anthony Spellacy, B.A. 2008 (A&S), on May 31. They live in Franklinville, N.J.

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