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Hail to the Pope
Your Summer 2008 article “A Visit for the Ages” is a moving tribute in recognition of the hard work of hundreds of people at Catholic University who helped bring about the historic visit of Pope Benedict XVI.

Our family had the opportunity to experience the visit of the Pope through the eyes and voice of our daughter, Marguerite Ratay, who was a freshman at CUA last year.

Gracelyn D. Ratay

CUA Magazine
was a very enjoyable read. The papal visit really infused a lot of energy into the campus and I liked how the students and faculty were engaged and participated.

Bob Reich
M.Arch. 1988
Elkins Park, Pa.

Congratulations on a WONDERFUL issue! We enjoyed watching the Pope’s visit to CUA on the news out here in California. So it was such a treat to get our copy of CUA Magazine tonight and read all about the visit from a ringside perspective.

Katie Grassini, J.D. 2006, and her father, Larry Grassini, J.D. 1970
Hidden Hills, Calif.

I just read CUA Magazine on the papal visit and other issues. It was fabulous.

CUA Magazine
is a top-notch publication. Catholic University is a great institution.

Joseph Fedeli
B.A. 1972
Montgomery Village, Md.

It was an honor and a privilege to be an alumnus at the Pope’s visit to CUA.

Debbie Moon
B.S. 1987
Laurel, Md.

Lynch's son holding the welcome sign for the Pope.

Thank you for the beautiful article. My family of six took advantage of the ticket offering and came down from Connecticut to see the Pope at CUA. That is my 13-year-old son, Connor, on Page 13 holding the welcome sign. We were thrilled to see his picture.

Jeff Lynch
B.A. 1981
Watertown, Conn.

I received the complimentary copy of your colorful commemorative publication regarding the Pope’s April visit to campus, which you offered in your Summer 2008 magazine.

I am a religious education coordinator for the upper elementary grades at my parish of St. Augustine in Andover, Mass. I have been collecting material on the Pope’s visit to present to my kids; this publication is a great addition. Many, many thanks! (My 300 or so children will thank you as well!)

Peggy Coleman
M.S.W. 1965
Andover, Mass.

Thanks for a CUA Education
Thanks very much for a very informative and visually pleasing alumni magazine. It gets better every year, and I read more of it with the passing years. My parents met at Catholic University in the ’50s when they were students at CUA’s Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, and all five of us Vogel sisters attended the university, graduating from 1975 through 1985. We have sentimental memories and many happy reminiscences of our times there.

I thank Catholic University for a great education supported by a firm belief in the value of service to humankind as being one of the most important values of life — not an experience you can get at just any university!

Theresa Vogel Crouch, M.D.
B.A. 1975
Arlington, Texas

A Really Tiny Car
Thank you to Frank Persico for his article about the members of the Class of 1974 who’ve been holding informal mini-reunions. I’ve spent the last two evenings poring over my yearbook, bringing up a host of memories. One of them was going with Frank to the school where he was student teaching to do a survey for a psychology class. Frank had the tiniest car I’ve ever been in; I couldn’t believe he managed to fold himself into it every day!

Coincidentally, a summer employee at the therapeutic residential school where I work is a CUA student, so I learned from her about a lot of physical changes at the university. I haven’t been back since 1975; maybe it’s time!

Cynthia Pease
B.A. 1974
Sheffield, Mass.

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