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A CUA Love Story

Brendan and Maureen O'Reilly, then and nowSince 1983, Brendan and Maureen O’Reilly have missed only one Homecoming Weekend at The Catholic University of America.

“It was my home away from home during four of the best years of my life, and every time I set foot on campus I feel like I’m back home again,” says Brendan. “It’s great to see it prosper.”

A freshman in the fall of 1983, Brendan attended a campus “tan-line” party to show off his summer tan. Maureen Devine, also a freshman, was hosting the event on the tennis courts with her fellow Spellman Hall residents. The rest is history.

The couple just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and have three children: Bridget, 7, Aidan, 4, and Molly, 2.

Maureen remembers best the “great community environment” of her university days. “We both had a very good experience — not only educational, but the friends we made,” she says. “We like to see the university growing and continuing to be a good environment for the new students.”

She recalls with clarity her courtship with Brendan. After the tan-line party, Maureen invited Brendan to join her and a girlfriend at the Rathskeller. She says it was his “friendly, outgoing personality” that attracted her at first. Over the course of freshman year, the two became casual friends.

Then Maureen’s roommate set her up with Brendan for a Spellman dance. Brendan, in turn, asked Maureen to the spring semi-formal in the old gym.

“I still have my half of the ticket stub from that dance,” Brendan admits. “It’s a little nostalgia. It’s right next to a picture of Maureen.”

They progressed to couplehood while both working as RAs in Spalding and graduated in 1987.

After a couple years of a commuting relationship, Brendan popped the question at the Lincoln Memorial on Christmas, and they were married in May 1990.

Even with a busy family, Brendan and Maureen continue to participate in the life of Catholic University. Over the years since graduation they have served on the Alumni Board of Governors, the St. Patrick’s Day Committee and the Presidential Reception Host Committee in Philadelphia. The couple also represents the university at college fairs and annual-giving phone-athons. Their second-grade daughter is already telling her friends she plans to go to Catholic Univer-sity, according to Brendan.

Since 1996 the O’Reillys have sponsored a CUA new student send-off party every year at their home in Yardley, Pa., ensuring that incoming fresh-men and their families have an opportunity to meet other new members of the CUA community.

“I love the send-off event,” says Brendan. “These kids are about to embark on four great years of their lives. It’s amazing to meet the next generation of CUA alumni.”

The O’Reillys are long-standing donors to the Annual Fund of Catholic University and believe CUA is still a great place. “We have a lot of pride in Catholic,” explains Brendan of their extraordinary involvement. “We spent four of the best years of our life at CUA. How can you forget that?”

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