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• Favorite Professors
Thank you for publishing the wonderful essay about my mom [Mary Walsh, a CUA nursing professor from 1955 to 1984, named a favorite professor in the magazine’s Fall 2005 issue]. It was very kind and sweet.

I cherish the memory of my mother. It is nice to have other people remember and say positive things about the person we mutually knew, yet in different ways — that someone who was my mother and who was to others a teacher, obviously loved by many. It is humbling and touching.

Terry Walsh
Ph.D. 2005
Silver Spring, Md.

I was pleased to see “Mr. CU,” Father Ignatius Smith, in the latest issue. Father Smith was a friend and adviser to all who knew him back in 1956. He was the adviser for the Utopian Club and we all loved him. My wife, June, and I were very pleased when he agreed to marry us at her parish church, St. Ambrose, in Cheverly, Md. I am sure he has watched over us for these almost-50 years. We’ve had five children and 14 grandchildren.

On another note, I am pleased that Homecoming is back where it belongs in the fall. I am looking forward to our 50th class reunion next year.

Great work with the new and improved magazine.

Mike Clendenin
B.A. 1956
Chapel Hill, N.C.

• Feedback on Fall ’05 Issue
The fall issue of CUA’s magazine was one of the best ever. The author who wrote the article about Graduate Hall certainly called to mind the happy year I lived there in 1956–57. Many who lived on the two floors of residences became lifelong friends (George Stebbins, Jack Lim, George Gingras, Trong Tran and Neil Vahle, to name a few). I am grateful for their presence in my life.

And the articles about David Driskell and the Dowd family were truly outstanding.

Joe Nichols
M.A. 1959
La Jolla, Calif.

I enjoy reading CUA Magazine. After reading Anne Cassidy’s fine article, I thought you might find it interesting that my grandfather was one of the carpenters who worked on the construction of Cardinal Hall circa 1910–1914. Small world, indeed!

Richard A. Darne
D.M.A.-organ, 1969
Arlington, Va.

Your Fall 2005 edition is a sample of the excellent quality of your publication. The essay by Jennifer Dowd was a beautiful rendition of her experiences. It meant more to me because I have recently become friends of the Dowds in the CUA athletic department.

I was also happy to see the “favorite professor” essay on my old friend, Father Ignatius Smith.

John M. Wigglesworth
B.A. 1935
Chevy Chase, Md.

Your Fall 2005 issue was very classy, the piece on Driskell especially. I was very moved by the essay by Jennifer Dowd (she of the huge scar on her belly).

Rev. Gerard Sloyan
S.T.L. 1944, Ph.D. 1948
Hyattsville, Md.

• A Boxing Great and His Pals
We of the classes of 1950, ’51 and ’52 — Terry and Charlie York, Joseph Incarnato and Dick Lamb Peters — enjoyed your Summer 2005 edition.

We also enjoyed your Spring 2005 article, “Eddie’s Boys: Remembering the Heyday of Collegiate Boxing.” However, you didn’t include a photo of light heavyweight Charles York, B.C.E. 1951, who missed the boxing team reunion in 2004. Charlie, who could shuffle backwards as fast as the legendary Tony Galento, is now confined to an electric wheelchair as a result of being hit by a car during his and Terry’s Meals on Wheels charity work.

Richard Lamb Peters
B.E.E. 1951
Ocean View, Del.

• Correction
CUA Magazine included an incorrect date of death for Rev. Ignatius Smith, O. P., former dean of the School of Philosophy. He actually passed away in 1957.

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