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Class Notes:


Why I Went to My College Reunion

CUA alumniI recently traveled to D.C. to attend Catholic University’s Homecoming and Reunions Weekend, catching up with some close friends and mingling all too briefly with others who shared such an important period of my life. For those who came to campus, it was wonderful to see you, catch up with what you are doing, and reminisce about our shared experiences two decades ago. For those who could not attend, it would have been great to see you, and I hope you will consider attending our 25th reunion in 2011!

I know I share with you the sense that time has passed much too quickly, and that we will always feel somewhat like kids ourselves, despite the fact that many of us are raising toddlers, tweens, teens and even college kids; running businesses or advancing our careers; and being caretakers for our parents or dealing with an illness of our own or in our family. For those who recognized a familiar face, but couldn’t retrieve the associated name, I understand that frustration all too well, and only wish that I had refreshed my memory by perusing my yearbook before the trip to D.C.

Our CUA campus continues to grow and change, most noticeably with the addition of the Pryzbyla university center, which houses the bookstore, dining hall and plenty of room for lounging or holding large dinners. A number of new residence halls have sprung up since our days at the university, while our very own Holiday Inn — Monroe Hall — was razed years ago. Even the Pizza Hut has morphed into something else. Flather Hall has added an elevator and air conditioning, and it looked, well, …nice! The DuFour football field appeared well groomed with its brand new turf, and the football team had plenty of spirit, if not a winning record.

I’d like to leave you with some thoughts that will help jog those 20-year memories and hopefully bring a smile to your face: Remember lounging on the University Mall, the Rat, block dances in front of Mullen Library, the Beaux Arts Ball, Screw-Your-Roommate dances, Kitty O’Shea’s, Colonel Brooks’ Tavern (which is still there), the old football stadium, 8 a.m. classes, Sunday night Mass in the Gibbons Hall basement, the Egg Drop Competition, football tailgate parties, 60-cent Metro fare cards (it’s up to $2.35 for non-peak now), Bob’s Ice Cream near Union Station, cafeteria food, fence stuffing for Homecoming, 7-Eleven munchies, midnight deliveries from Pizza Transit Authority, “beer vision goggles,” riding on the campus buses, that sound of “Brookland/CUA” when the Metro stopped to let you off, and that feeling of “coming home” when your plane landed at National Airport, when your train pulled into Union Station, or as you drove the Baltimore-Washington Parkway into town.

Cheers to all, and hope to see you in 2011!

— Nancy Payer Sauers, B.M.E. 1986
(Second from the lower right in the class reunion photo above.)

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