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Why I Went to My College Reunion


Alumni Trip to Tuscany

CUA Service With a Smile!

Carols and Cocktails!
Second Annual Boston Holiday Party

Boston Chapter Alumni Gatherings

Alum Presents the Film He Scripted, Fought for and Produced: “Bridge to Terabithia” Based on His Mother’s Best-Selling Novel

Senators Club

Philadelphia Alumni Share Career Advice With Students

Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD) Get-Togethers

Class Notes:


Boston Chapter Alumni Gatherings

Celebrate at the famous watering hole of the sea god!

Lir (903 Boylston St.)
Thursday, April 12, 2007 — 6–8 p.m.

In Irish mythology, Lir was the dreaded god of the sea. These days, he watches over a different sort of watering hole, as the bar bearing his name is one of Boston’s best! Meet us at Lir for drinks and the fourth in a series of Boston alumni pub parties. To R.s.v.p. , e-mail Sarah Richards or call 800-288-ALUM.

Over the winter, CUA alumni in the Boston area met to “relax their resolutions” at Cuff’s Irish Bar in Jury’s Hotel and McFadden’s on State Street. If you didn’t get e-mail notice of these gatherings organized by the Boston chapter leaders, call the alumni office or e-mail cua-alumni@cua.edu right away so you won’t miss the next one!

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