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Class Notes:


CUA Service With a Smile!

Many CUA alumni made service a part of their college experience. In response to their requests for service opportunities like those organized for current students by Campus Ministry, CUA’s alumni office and alumni leaders investigated several projects. As CUA Magazine went to press, several service projects were being organized.

In Boston, alumni leaders planned a Feb. 25 CUA Alumni Service Day designed to give local alumni an opportunity to give back to the city. A group arranged to meet at St. James Church in Cambridge to serve a meal to the homeless under the auspices of Bread & Jams Inc., a charity run by formerly homeless people.

An event that immediately appealed to CUA alumni in the Washington, D.C., area was Read Across America Day on March 2, the birthday of everyone’s favorite, Dr. Seuss! Alumni from all decades were scheduled to read to the younger children at St. Anthony Catholic School in Brookland, share cake and laugh along with the Cat in the Hat himself! Other alumni in Boston and Philadelphia have volunteered in their cities to read classics such as Green Eggs and Ham, If I Ran the Circus and Oh, the Places You’ll Go with youngsters.

If you’d be interested in joining a group to organize alumni service projects in your chapter city, the alumni office is interested in helping you. Phone us at 202-319-5608 (800-288-ALUM outside the Washington, D.C., area) or e-mail us at cua-alumni@cua.edu.

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