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CUA Creates Leadership Council for Annual Fund

The members of the Annual Giving Leadership Council include parents of students, alumni and staff. They are (from left): Richard Newton, parent; Bob Goldschmidt, parent; Fay Wallace, parent and council co-chair; W. Michael Hendricks, vice president for enrollment management; Paul Donnelly, B.A. 1993; Kelly (Quinn) Driscoll, B.A. 1981; John Wallerstedt, B.A. 1978, M.A. 1980; and Christopher “Kit” Wallace, parent and council co-chair. Two other members are not shown: Elizabeth McFarlane, M.S.N. 1976, Ph.D. 1980, a retired professor of nursing; and Daniel Hanley, B.A. 1986.Think of the things that made your university experience special. They probably went beyond books and classes to include things like athletics, a beautiful campus, a summer spent abroad, or the nurturance of your faith through Campus Ministry.

All of these ingredients of a CUA experience are funded by annual gifts to Catholic University, which help to make up the difference between tuition revenue and the actual cost of educating students.

“Annual giving allows the university flexibility to fund whatever need exists at any given moment,” says Amy Wilson, director of annual giving. “It makes possible all kinds of programs and opportunities for students and faculty that might not otherwise be available.” Annual giving is also a major source of funding for the more than 92 percent of CUA students who receive some level of financial aid from the university.

In October 2006, the university started a nine-member Annual Giving Leadership Council of alumni, parents of students, and CUA staff. These individuals are tasked with calling or writing to thank CUA donors, many of whom have given to CUA for decades. The council members — who have themselves each made a recent leadership gift to the university — are also speaking to alumni, parents and friends of the university about giving.

One of the alumni on the Leadership Council, Kelly (Quinn) Driscoll, B.A. 1981, was an all-star field hockey player at CUA. She says she volunteered to serve on the council out of gratitude to the donors who paid for the scholarship that allowed her to study at the university. “I had a fabulous experience at Catholic, made lifelong friends and played field hockey — all because someone before me was making contributions to fund aid for students. I joined the council to thank the people who are giving to Catholic University and to see what I can contribute.”

Another member of the council, Bob Goldschmidt, isn’t a Catholic University alumnus but rather the parent of a current CUA student. “I’m at the stage of my life when I have the opportunity to give back and this is a good start at that,” he says. “Also I’m very impressed with Catholic University’s message and what it’s trying to accomplish. All the things that President O’Connell is trying to do to raise the standards at Catholic — to get very qualified teachers and to improve existing facilities and add new ones — those things cost money. I felt I’d like to support that.”

To learn more about annual giving or to make your own gift, visit the Web site at

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