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Hundreds of Wordsmiths = One New Tagline

Father O'Connell and Janelle SalamonLast November, CUA launched a first-of-its-kind contest among the student body to create a new marketing tagline to identify the university. As Very Rev. David M. O’Connell, C.M., university president, explains in his column (see Page 2), the time had come to retire the slogan “Do it all. Discover excellence. Experience success.”

To lure students away from their books, contest organizers offered a grand prize of $1,000 to the best entry. The students’ response exceeded expectations: More than 530 tried their hand, and not just undergraduates — about a third were graduate students.

During halftime of the CUA men’s basketball game on Jan. 31, amidst considerable fanfare — cheerleaders, the Cardinal mascot, free T-shirts — contest winner Janelle Salamon stepped forward to accept her prize from Father O’Connell and a banner was unfurled with the new tagline, “Reason. Faith. Service.”

Salamon, a senior politics major from Buffalo, N.Y., explains her submission: “The concept of ‘Reason. Faith. Service.’ truly encapsulates my own experience at CUA, as I hope it does for each student and alumnus. For me, academics, or ‘reason,’ is the foremost priority, followed with an integration of and respect for individual faith. Commitment to service is a way of looking into the future beyond CUA.”

The process of incorporating the new tagline in publications, advertising and campus iconography is under way. This issue of CUA Magazine is the first university publication to feature it.

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