The Catholic University of America

Fact Book


Research Centers and Facilities

• American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives
• Center for Advanced Training in Cell and Molecular Biology
• Center for Advancement of Catholic Education
• Center for Applied Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Research
• Center for Catalan Studies
• Center for Law, Philosophy and Culture
• Center for Medieval and Byzantine Studies
• Center for Nanotechnology
• Center for the Study of Culture and Values
• Center for the Study of Early Christianity
• Center for the Study of Energy and Environmental Stewardship
• Comparative and International Law Institute
• Homecare and Telerehabilitation Technology Center
• Institute for Astrophysics and Computational Sciences
• Institute for Christian Oriental Research
• Institute for Communications Law Studies
• Institute for Interreligious Study and Dialogue
• Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies
• Institute for Sacred Music
• International Center for Ward Method Studies
• Latin American Center for Graduate Studies in Music
• Law and Social Justice Initiative
• National Catholic School of Social Service Research Institute
     — Center for Advancement of Children, Youth, and Families
     — Center for Community Development and Social Justice
     — Center for Promotion of Health and Mental Health Well-Being  
     — Center for Spirituality and Social Work
     — Center on Global Aging
     — Center on International Social Development
• Psychological Research
     — Applied Memory Laboratory
     — Autism Research Group
     — Center for Research in Anxiety and Psychotherapy
     — Center for Research on Children, Families and Cultures
     — Cognition and Virtual Reality Laboratory
     — Cognitive Aging Laboratory
• Vitreous State Laboratory