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• U.S. Presidency
• U.S. Political Parties
• American Values
• Political Analysis

Department: Politics
School: Arts and Sciences

Media Appearances

  • July 29, 2016

    New York Daily News

    The consequences of these fateful political missteps are now clear. Democrats can quote Ronald Reagan freely, as he has passed into history (in much the same way as Reagan liked to quote FDR). Reagan’s “morning in America” has been transformed into a political midnight for the Republican Party, and hopeful rhetoric has been replaced by fear. The damage that has been done to Donald Trump this week is staggering. But even more consequential is the damage that has been inflicted on the Republican Party. It will take years for the party to recover.

  • April 14, 2016

    Sinclair Broadcast Group (via WJLA)

    In a two-party system, however, the Democrats only need to please black voters more than Republicans do. The Democratic Party and President Obama may not do everything the African American community wanted, but their policies are often seen as having positive implications for blacks and other minorities.

  • February 19, 2016

    New York Daily News

    White published the op-ed "Catholics and the GOP: It’s complicated. What Trump's skirmish with the Pope says about the future of this important constitutency"

  • October 23, 2015

    Deutshe Welle

    "Clearly this is unprecedented," said John Kenneth White referring to the strife within the Republican Party. White is a political science professor at the Catholic University of America and recently published a book about the state of the GOP called "What happened to the Republican Party?" The closest thing to the current turmoil, noted White, was the nomination of archconservative Senator Barry Goldwater as presidential candidate back in 1964 when the establishment also failed to have a convincing candidate. Goldwater lost that election by a landslide. "The coming apart of the Republican Party certainly in presidential politics, but also in the Congress is absolutely quite evident," said White. "This has happened in some other countries as well and I think people should care."

  • May 28, 2015

    Fox News

    John White, political science professor at Catholic University of America, suggested part of the problem is Fiorina has to fight that much harder to be heard this cycle, with so many candidates on the field -- most with high-level government experience. "You have sitting governors ... former senators," White said. "In 2012, people like Herman Cain could get attention." This time, he said, "Fiorina isn't getting the attention at the moment and while the base thinks she's making some good points, I don't think the base is inclined to vote for her because there are better presidential candidates."

  • October 27, 2014


    White was quoted in a story on the faith vote.

  • August 4, 2014

    Huffington Post

    White was quoted in a story on presidential vacations.

  • April 2, 2014

    Washington Times

    White was quoted in a story on the Washington, D.C., democratic primary

  • March 20, 2014

    C-SPAN's BookTV

    White discusses his book, "Barack Obama's America"

  • May 29, 2012

    NPR Series: American Dreams: Then And Now, White is interviewed by Ari Shapiro for the story "American Dream Faces Harsh New Reality" where a panel discusses how three years after the worst recession in almost a century, the American Dream now feels in jeopardy to many.


  • 2015

    What Happened to the Republican Party?

    The Grand Old Party—once moderate and even magnanimous—has fallen into a prison of its own making when it comes to presidential politics. Republicans may be having a heyday in the Congress but their prospects for the 2016 presidential election aren’t great—and won’t improve unless and until they break out of their intellectual and ideological straightjackets and start speaking to where the American public lives: geographically, culturally, and politically.

  • 2011

    Party On

    From Democrats to Republicans, from the Green Party to the Tea Party, American parties and their politics are continuously adapting, renewing, and evolving to meet the challenges of the times. Party On!: Political Parties from Hamilton and Jefferson to Today's Networked Age captures these nuances with a cohesive theme, hard data, and a spotlight on new media that includes "Parties in a Networked Age" theme boxes.

  • 2009

    Barack Obama's America: How New Conceptions of Race, Family, and Religion Ended the Reagan Era

    The shifting demographic sands that led to President Obama's election, and the "politics of discomfort" that have arisen (on the right and the left) in America's transformation from a predominately white country into a multicultural body politic with elastic cultural and social mores. Using polls, census data, popular media and political anecdotes, White describes a "new" society, in which interracial marriage, divorce, single motherhood and cohabitation are no longer taboo, in which gay rights gain ground and people attend church more for entertainment and community than for religion.

See White's faculty page (see link above) for his extensive list of publications.

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