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Robert Miller

Robert D. Miller, II, O.F.S., Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Area Director for Biblical Studies

Phone: 202-319-6702

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• Old Testament
• Biblical Archaeology
• The Bible in the Catholic Church

School: Theology and Religious Studies

Media Appearances

  • January 5, 2015


    One the possible discover of the site of Jesus's trial: "I would agree with most scholars that it is quite likely, though not definite, that the area they are excavating is where Jesus' trial before Pilate would have taken place."


  • 2012

    Covenant and Grace in the Old Testament: Assyrian Propaganda and Israelite Faith

    Miller explains how Israel understood its relationship with Yahweh. Israel borrowed language from Assyria in describing its covenant with God, and this book reveals what “covenant” meant, and that it is not “covenant” at all, but “grace.”

  • 2011

    Oral Tradition in Ancient Israel: (Biblical Performance Criticism)

    Miller reconstructs what ancient Israelite oral literature would have been and considers criteria for identifying orally derived material in the narrative books of the Old Testament, marking several passages as highly probable oral derivations. The epilogue treats the contentious topic of historicity and shows that orally derived texts are not more historically reliable than other texts in the Bible.

Archaeological experience

Miller has field archaeological experience and is working on a major research project, “Zion, the Dragon, and the Nations,” on the trope of Mount Zion in the Psalms and its relationship to the incorporation of the Gentiles into the people of God, exploring the ways in which Canaanite (and earlier!) mythic material on which these Psalms are based reappears in both the Psalms and their literary “offspring” (Daniel, Revelation).

He has an extensive journal publication listing found on his faculty webpage (see link above)

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