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The CUA Office of Public Affairs offers assistance with publicizing events, research and other news via on- and off-campus news outlets. On-campus news outlets include Home@CUA and the Latest News, Highlights, and Upcoming Events sections of the CUA home page, which is managed by the Office of Public Affairs. Public affairs staff also can seek off-campus publicity by sending out calendar items, media advisories and press releases to media outlets, trade publications and other venues that provide free news coverage and listings for campus events. In addition, public affairs staff can assist individual departments and schools with scheduling paid advertisements.

For more information about various publicity outlets, deadlines and procedures to follow for seeking publicity, see guidelines below.

NOTE: The Office of Public Affairs is the only office authorized to send out news releases to off-campus media on behalf of the university and individual schools, departments and programs. See below for guidelines on requesting calendar item notices or news releases intended to generate news coverage.

Publicity Guidelines

On-Campus Publicity

Home@CUA is the internal home page for the University community. Events posted by authorized students, staff, and faculty on the Nest will automatically appear on Home@CUA. Campus News items posted in the Nest are monitored daily by the public affairs office; items of campus-wide interest will also be posted on Home@CUA.

WWW.CUA.EDU is the University's external home page. News items linked to the home page are posted at the discretion of the public affairs office.

The Public Affairs office also produces Inside CUA, the monthly online campus newsletter, and  CUA Magazine, the university's alumni magazine. Ellen Woods serves as editor of Inside CUA and managing editor of CUA Magazine. You can submit news about faculty publications, off-campus lectures and performances, awards, grants or honors for the "Notables" section of Inside CUA, or magazine story ideas about alumni, by calling 202-319-6984 or e-mailing


If you would like to have a headshot taken or need an event photographed for brochures or other uses, send your requests to the Office of Publications and Design Services by filling out the Photo Request Form. Associated costs for photography/prints may be billed to individual departments and/or schools.

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Off-Campus Publicity

CALENDAR ITEMS: The public affairs office submits calendar items about university-sponsored events on campus to the free listings in The Washington Post, The Washington Times, the Catholic Standard, the Arlington Catholic Herald and other local news outlets. Please submit your request for a calendar item at least one month in advance of the date that the notice should run. This ensures that the public affairs office has enough time to prepare the calendar item and to meet the media’s deadlines.

To request a calendar item, send an e-mail with essential information about an event (title and description of event, date/time, location, sponsor, contact person and phone number) to Katie Lee, director of communications, at or call 202-319-5600. Submissions should note whether the event is free or has a charge and if it's open to the public.

MEDIA COVERAGE: The public affairs office solicits coverage of events, research and other news of interest to journalists with press releases, media advisories, tip sheets and pitch e-mails.

It is essential for conference, lecture and other event organizers to obtain permission to invite the media from featured speakers and event participants. In some cases, speakers do not wish to be photographed or quoted by the media. It is the event organizer's responsibility to find out before seeking media coverage if it will be acceptable to event participants.

To request a news release, contact Katie Lee, director of communications, about an upcoming event as soon as possible to discern if the event has "news appeal" for reporters. To inquire about news releases and/or potential coverage, send an e-mail with essential information about an event (title and description of event, date/time, location, sponsor, contact person and phone number) to Katie Lee at or call 202-319-5600. Submissions should note whether the event is free or has a charge and if it's open to the public.

While some events are organized and publicized with very little lead time (e.g., forums tied to a breaking news event, etc.), it is essential to give the public affairs office enough advance notice to prepare a news release. A month's lead time is acceptable; earlier is always better. For major events and arts/entertainment performances, the public affairs office needs at least eight weeks notice. Very late requests may not be fulfilled, depending on the workload of the office.

The public affairs office frequently posts news to the CUA home page: releases to the Latest News column, feature-type stories to the Highlights column and calendar items to Upcoming Events.

For more information about publicity on- and off-campus, contact the Office of Public Affairs at 202-319-5600 or send an e-mail to
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Paid Advertising

The Office of Publications and Design Services provides assistance with designing and placing advertisements. Visit the Advertising Page for more information. As a note, the Office of Public Affairs does not have budgetary funds for paid advertising. While CUA designers will design ads for free, individual schools and departments must cover printing and insertion costs associated with advertising.

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