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The Morality of the Death Penalty:

The Challenge for Law, Society and Religion




 Harold Attridge, professor, Yale University

“Stones, Spears, Frying Pans and Crosses: The Death Penalty in Scripture”


James Megivern, professor, University of North Carolina

“Historical Reservations about Christian Use of Death as a Punishment”


            Response: Joseph Capizzi, professor, CUA Department of Theology


* * *


Judge John T. Noonan, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit

            “Evangelium vitae: A Development in Doctrine”


Cardinal Avery Dulles, S.J., Fordham University

“Evangelium vitae and the Continuity of Catholic Tradition on the Death Penalty”


Response: John Grabowski, professor, CUA Department of Theology


* * *


Lloyd Steffen, professor, Lehigh University

            “From Natural Law to American Law: The Theory of Just Execution”


 Mary Geach, Ph.D., London, U.K.

“Intentional Killing and the Justification of the Death Penalty”


            Response: Christian Brugger, professor, Loyola University, New Orleans


* * *


William Barbieri, professor, CUA School of Religious Studies

“‘The Cause of Humanity': Human Rights and the Abolition of the Death Penalty in Europe”


James Feinerman, professor, Georgetown University

“The Death Penalty, with Chinese Socialist Characteristics”


Response: David Coolidge, Esq., CUA Columbus School of Law


* * *


Lawrence Marshall, professor, Northwestern University

            Keynote Address

* * *

Randall Kennedy, professor, Harvard University

            “The Current Status of the Death Penalty in American Constitutional Law”


John Blume, professor, Cornell University

“Abuses in the Administration of the Death Penalty in the United States”


Response: Leroy Clark, professor, CUA Columbus School of Law


* * *


Herbert Haines, professor, State University of New York, College at Cortland

“America’s Historic Attachment to the Death Penalty”


Dr. Edmund Pellegrino, Georgetown University

“The Medicalization of State-Ordered Execution: The Ethical Issues”


Response: John Berkman, professor, CUA Department of Theology


* * *


Kevin Doyle, Esq., capital defender, New York State Capital Defender Office

“Capital Reform: Obvious Needs and Obvious Limits”

Elisabeth Semel, adjunct professor, Georgetown University

“A Moratorium on Executions: Where Will That Road Take Us?”


Response: Daniel Misleh, Department of Social Development and World Peace, United States Catholic Conference


* * *


Ted Honderich, professor, University College London

“The Death Penalty and Egalitarian Consequentialism”


Response: William Wagner, professor, CUA Columbus School of Law


* * *


George Kendall, Esq., NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

“The Shadow That Won’t Go Away: Racial Bias & the Administration of Capital Punishment”


Robert Burt, professor, Yale University

“The Urgency of Infallibility in Administering the Death Penalty”


Response: David Walsh, professor, CUA Department of Politics


* * *



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