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April 24, 2002


CUA President Announces Administrative Changes


The Very Rev. David M. O’Connell, C.M., president of The Catholic University of America, has today announced the following first phase of administrative changes, effective May 24, 2002:


After 14 years of service, the Rev. Robert Friday has resigned his position as vice president of student life in order to devote attention to teaching in the School of Religious Studies at CUA and to other responsibilities connected with Curley Hall.  The university is most grateful to Father Friday for his service.


Mrs. Susan D. Pervi, vice president for administration, will become the vice president for student life.  The Department of Public Safety under the leadership of Mr. James Forney will be transferred into the Division of Student Life, reporting directly to Vice President Pervi.


Mr. Carl Petchik will become the executive director of facilities operations, reporting directly to the president.  He will assume the responsibilities formerly held by Vice President Pervi, including membership on CUA’s emergency and administrative councils.


The Office of Human Resources under the leadership of Ms. Barbara Coughlin and the Postal Services and Bookstore under the leadership of Mr. David Kennedy will be transferred to the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, reporting to Mr. Ralph Beaudoin.  In Vice President Beaudoin’s office, Mrs. Michelene Sheehy has been promoted to associate treasurer and budget director and Mr. Charles “Chuck” Mann has been promoted to associate vice president for business services.  Mrs. Laura Sweet has been promoted to director of business systems and support.


When appointed, the equal opportunity officer will report to Vice President Frank Persico in the Office of the President.

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