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Sept. 12, 2001

CUA Hosts Symposium on Terrorism

The Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law will be conducting a symposium on a “Just Response to Terrorist Warfare” at 12:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2001 in the atrium of the law school.

Topics to be discussed are:

– militarily

                        – politically/economically

– juridically (war crime, extradition,                       



Speakers include members of the CUA law faculty and its dean, Douglas W. Kmiec, one of the nation's leading experts in constitutional law and former head of the Office of Legal Counsel in the Reagan administration.

Among participating faculty:

Associate Professor Antonio Perez, formerly of the State Department counter-terrorism division; Professor Michael Noone, expert on comparative political violence and “just war” and Professor Marshall Breger, Middle East scholar for perspectives on Osama bin Laden.

For more information, please contact Frank Grosso at 202-319-5811 or Chris Harrison at 202-319-5600.





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