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Oct. 1, 2001

A 15th Century Cardinal with Wisdom for Today

Catholic University to Host Oct. 4-7 Symposium on Nicholas of Cusa, Advocate for Peace

As an acclaimed scholar, lawyer and philosopher of science, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464) also urged peaceful relations between Christians and Muslims, especially when the two groups were at battle in Constantinople.

To mark the birth of the cardinal six centuries ago, a four-day symposium on his life and teachings will be held from Thursday through Sunday, Oct. 4 to 7, at several locations on the Catholic University campus.

Leading philosophers, theologians, political scientists and historians of science will speak on the timely relevance of Nicholas of Cusa. In light of recent terrorist attacks in the United States, the conference will also address the cardinal’s plea for harmony and understanding as war erupted in the 15th century.

“He considered the unity of faith to be a bond that unites Christians, Muslims and Jews,” says CUA Associate Professor Peter Casarella, one of the symposium’s organizers. “Even with very real differences of rites and beliefs, he argued that harmony could be attained through dialogue and reflection.”

The conference touches on many aspects of Nicholas of Cusa’s philosophies and relationships. According to Professor Casarella, the conference will include “sessions on his contribution to the Renaissance theory of perspective, his place in ancient and medieval speculation about the relationship of God and the world, his tantalizingly modern ideas regarding tolerance and consent in the political realm, and his groundbreaking scientific hypotheses regarding the relativity and motion of the earth.”

To follow is an abbreviated schedule of events:




Opening Plenary

Friday – daytime events at Caldwell Hall Auditorium; evening events at Columbus School of Law. Seminars include:
Saturday – All events at Life Cycle Auditorium. Seminars include:




For more information, contact Janelle Cowgill or Victor Nakas at 202-319-5600.


Check the web site for further details: http://arts-sciences.cua.edu/mdst/Cusanus.htm





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