The Catholic University Of America

Office of the President

Washington, D.C. 20064


March 18, 2003

The federal government once again has raised its alert level to “Code Orange.” Catholic University and the institutions and residents of the greater Washington metropolitan area have been placed on that alert status twice before in the past. The benefit of these experiences is they have taught us that there is no cause for alarm. However, “Code Orange” is a reminder of the need for every individual to exercise prudence and vigilance.

Below are five useful Web links. The first contains basic safety information for members of the CUA community that I provided on February 14 during the preceding “Code Orange.” The other four links include emergency preparedness information from three federal government agencies and the Red Cross. (Department of Homeland Security) (Federal Emergency Management Agency) (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). (Red Cross guide to sheltering in place)



The Very Rev. David M. O’Connell, C.M.