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Dec. 3, 2003

Update on Campus Robbery


Authorities have arrested the second of two brothers on charges of robbing the Engraving and Printing Federal Credit Union, located in Leahy Hall on the western edge of campus. The incident occurred Monday, Dec. 1, 2003, at approximately 9:30 a.m.


While one of the men brandished a handgun during the robbery, no CUA students or personnel were injured.


One of the men was apprehended shortly after the robbery occurred when CUA Department of Public Safety officers were alerted and pursued the suspects out of Leahy Hall toward Harewood Road, N.E.


The second suspect who was briefly employed at CUA continued running north, carjacking a vehicle in the area of Harewood and Taylor Street, N.E., several blocks from campus. At that point an officer discharged one round from a service weapon, but the suspect managed to escape.


According to media reporters, district police officers took the man into custody at a local hotel on Tuesday.




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