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                                                                                                April 29, 2004


CUA Completes Purchase of 49 Acres Adjacent to Campus

University Buys Largest Open Parcel of Land in D.C. from Armed Forces Retirement Home


The Catholic University of America finalized the purchase of 49 acres adjacent to its western border from the Armed Forces Retirement Home on April 29, 2004.  The deed to the property was transferred in exchange for $22,009,227.


On Thursday, April 29, 2004, Catholic University’s president, Very Rev. David M. O’Connell, C.M., hosted a reception on campus for AFRH Chief Operating Officer Timothy C. Cox to celebrate the purchase.


“This is an extraordinary milestone for Catholic University. It gives us ample room to expand for the next century. The acquisition will ensure that we continue to provide for our students, faculty, staff and visitors a traditional campus and a beautiful ‘green’ oasis in the heart of the nation’s capital,” said Father O’Connell.


“I am also gratified that what began as a somewhat contentious issue between Catholic University and the Armed Forces Retirement Home has been resolved on such a positive note,” O’Connell added. “Under Timothy Cox’s leadership we’ve begun together to explore ways in which the Home and CUA can support each other and be the best of neighbors.”  


The Defense Authorization Act of 2000 authorized the AFRH to sell or lease with an option to buy the 49-acre plot. The Congressional legislation also gave Catholic University the right to match a bona fide highest bid. On. Oct. 21, 2003, Court of Federal Claims Judge John P. Wiese signed an order for the sale of the property, setting the present value of the land at $22,009,227. Thereafter, Catholic University elected to acquire the property.


The university has not announced any immediate plans for the land, other than to secure the property.  Father O’Connell indicated that for the future use of the land he is “committed to a course of action based on careful planning and prudent implementation.”


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