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March 29, 2004


Marin Drzic, Dubrovnik and the Renaissance

April 24, 2004



CUA Conference Highlights Croatian Theater in the 16th Century


As a companion piece to its production of the 16-century comedy “Uncle Maroje” to be performed April 21-25 at CUA’s Hartke Theatre, the Department of Drama presents a one-day conference that will explore Renaissance drama in Croatia, the works of playwright Marin Drzic, and the legacy of Dubrovnik, Croatia, as a city of theater festivals.


WHEN:             Saturday, April 24, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


WHERE:           Callan Theatre

The Catholic University of America

                        620 Michigan Ave., N.E.

                        Washington, D.C.


DETAILS:         Conference speakers and their topics include:


Lada Cale-Feldman, professor of drama and literature, Zagreb, Croatia: “From

          Drzic to Shakespeare and Back: A Reassessment”


Marin Gozze, set designer, Dubrovnik, Croatia: “Uncle Maroje in Dubrovnik’s

           Open Air Spaces”


Ivica Kuncevic, theatre director, Zagreb, Croatia:  “From Page to Stage:

 Directing Uncle Maroje in Dubrovnik”


Michael Mack, CUA assistant professor of English: “Twelfth Night or What You

Will: Shakespeare's Illyrian Holiday”


Slobodan Prosperov Novak, professor of Croatian literature, Yale University:

                                              “Drzic and His Legacy”


Ivica Prlender, professor of history, Dubrovnik, Croatia: “Dubrovnik: A City of                      

                        Festivities and Festivals”


Roland Reed, CUA associate professor of drama: “Uncle Maroje: A Journey

From One Culture into Another”


Boris Senker, professor of drama and literature, Zagreb, Croatia: Drzic’s

           Characters and Renaissance Structure of Comic Types”


MEDIA:             For more information, call Katie Lee or Chris Harrison at 202-319-5600.





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