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                                                                                                Aug. 22, 2003


CUA Responds to Computer Virus


CUA students, faculty and staff are being asked to help the Center for Planning and Information Technology contend with the recent proliferation of computer viruses and worms by making themselves aware of the threat and taking steps to protect their laptop and desktop computers.


For regularly updated news and recommendations on virus removal and protection, visit http://computing.cua.edu.


The university’s computer network and e-mail servers have been affected by both the Blaster worm and the SoBig.F e-mail virus, even though firewalls are in place at the university to filter and “clean” infected messages and Web sites.


“Our server cleaned 35,000 virus-infected e-mails yesterday,” said Zia Mafaher, chief information officer and executive director of CPIT. “It’s been extremely busy. Some members of the community have received a large number of messages that have already been cleaned, and these are safe to delete.” For help recognizing suspicious e-mails, click here.


One of CPIT’s chief concerns is faculty and students who are coming back to campus and hooking up computers that may not be patched for protection from the Blaster worm and the SoBig.F. virus. 


“Almost every regular CUA machine is protected,” Mafaher said “However, many users have laptops they carry back and forth to their home. Some are protected, but many are not. So if they become infected while online at home and then plug the computer in here at the university, they have taken the virus around our firewall defenses.” 


The CPIT staff currently is making CD-ROM discs containing a protective patch for the Blaster and Welchia worms and the SoBig.F. e-mail virus.


Students, staff and faculty who are unsure if their computer has a protective patch installed can request a CD-ROM disc in the residential housing office or in the Leahy Computer Lab. For more information, visit http://computing.cua.edu.




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