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Sept.  10, 2004


Lecture Series to Focus on ‘Educating the Whole Person’

CUA Liberal Arts Education: Formula for Success


The Catholic University of America presents its 2004 Fall Lecture Series, showcasing its educational philosophy, which is firmly grounded in the belief that students are best prepared for the workplace and for life by taking a broad selection of liberal arts courses in addition to classes in their major.


Over the course of the five-week program, “Educating the Whole Person: A Series of Lectures and Dialogues with Faculty and Student Life,” students will hear from five of the most distinguished professors on campus, who will discuss the importance of a classical education in preparing CUA graduates to participate fully in their communities, the workplace and the civic process.


This year’s lectures follow the successful 2003 series, which drew hundreds of students to evening discussions about the intersection of faith and intellect.  


A panel discussion about the relationship between education and life-long learning will follow each lecture. Ernest Suarez, associate professor of English who will deliver one of the lectures, says the value of a CUA education is evident in the workplace. Businesses that hire CUA English majors report that their new employees are well prepared for their jobs, he adds.


“Businesses like our graduates because their strong background in the humanities enables them to think analytically,” says Suarez. “Many people in the workplace think descriptively and react descriptively to a problem. We teach our students to process language, to pick apart arguments, and to appreciate multiple perspectives when confronted with a problem. In the end, they come up with better solutions.”


All lectures will take place at 7 p.m. in the Great Room of the Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center. The lectures, dates and details follow.


Sept. 14: Rev. Francis Moloney, S. D. B., dean and Katharine Drexel Professor of Religious Studies, “Religion as Search: God, Self and ‘The Other’ ”

Panel Discussion: “Ethical Engagement in the Modern World”


Sept. 28: Monsignor Robert. S. Sokolowski, Elizabeth Breckenridge Caldwell

Professor of Philosophy, “Philosophy in the Undergraduate Curriculum”

Panel Discussion: “Curricular and Cocurricular Involvement”


Oct. 12: Ernest Suarez, associate professor of English, “The Meaning of Literary Aesthetics”

Panel Discussion: “Academic Enrichment at the University and in the Workplace”


Oct. 26: Marc M. Sebrechts, professor of psychology, “Fighting Entropy: Science as the Psyche’s Struggle Against Intellectual Chaos”

Panel Discussion: “Citizens in a Community and a Democracy”


Nov. 9: Claes Ryn, professor of politics, “Politics and the Study of Human Nature”

Panel Discussion: “Building for Post Graduation Success”






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