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Sept. 23, 2004


CUA to Host Emergency Preparedness Drill at DuFour Center

Volunteers to Serve as Patients in Exercise at Gym


Catholic University will host an emergency preparedness drill conducted by the government of the District of Columbia on Friday, Sept. 24, at the Raymond A. DuFour Center. Members of the CUA community should expect to see people coming and going from the athletic center between the hours of 7 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.


The drill is part of a two-day exercise designed to test the District government’s readiness to handle a bioterrorism attack. The gym at the DuFour Center will serve as a staging area for distribution of mock medication to volunteers posing as victims.


Members of the CUA community interested in volunteering as patients can register for the event online at http://bioterrorism.dc.gov/scripts/EHMSA_online_registration.asp or by calling the D.C. Department of Health at 202-671-0733. The health department, which is coordinating the exercise, also will accept walk-in registrations the day of the event.


Volunteers should dress as they would for a normal day on campus. They should report to the DuFour Center at 8:30 a.m. on Friday and expect to stay until about 11 a.m.


Members of the CUA community who don’t plan to volunteer for the exercise should avoid the gym. It may be difficult to find a parking space at the DuFour Center.


The drill is part of a two-day exercise that also includes activities at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Southeast Washington on Thursday, Sept. 23.




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