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WHAT:             Spring Lecture Series: “On Paper”


WHEN:             5:30 p.m., Monday, March 21


WHERE:           The Catholic University of America

                        Koubek Auditorium

                        Edward M. Crough Center for Architectural Studies

                        620 Michigan Ave., N.E.

                        Washington, D.C.


DETAILS:         Marco Frascari, G.T. Ward Professor of Architecture at Virginia Polytechnic and State University, will present the fourth talk in the Spring 2005 Lecture Series sponsored by CUA’s School of Architecture and Planning. His lecture, titled “On Paper,” will explore the relationship between paper and architecture. Paper becomes the architect’s medium, a temporary or virtual “ground” (before the actual construction of the building), on which his or her imagination is given a two-dimensional shape by the hands. The two-dimensional surface of the paper is where the dialogue between the mind and hand — concerning space to be built — becomes visual.

Born in Italy, Frascari earned his first degree at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice and later a Dottore in Architettura at Istututo Universitario di Architettura di Venezia in 1969. He began his professional career as an architect in Verona and since then has always had a small architectural practice. He earned a master’s degree in architecture at the University of Cincinnati and a Ph.D. in architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. He has written extensively on the topic of architectural representation and tectonics, the constructive arts.

All lectures in the six-part series offer continuing education learning units from the American Institute of Architects. Those interested in receiving credit should sign in at every lecture.


The lecture is free and open to the public. The remaining lectures are scheduled for April 4 and April 11. For more information about the series, call 202-319-5188.


SPONSORS:     CUA’s School of Architecture and Planning


MEDIA:             To cover the lecture, contact Katie Lee in the Office of Public Affairs at 202-319-5600.








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