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WHAT:             Constitution Day Lecture: “Origins and Ideas of the 1787 Constitution”


WHEN:             7 p.m., Sept. 20, 2005


WHERE:           The Catholic University of America

                        Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center, Great Room A

                        620 Michigan Ave., NE

                        Washington, DC


DETAILS:         The Catholic University of America will celebrate Constitution Day with a

lecture by Politics Professor Stephen Schneck titled “Origins and Ideas of the 1787 Constitution.”


His lecture will identify the theoretical elements in the mix of ideas from which the U.S. Constitution was born: English liberalism, Whig constitutionalism, Protestant theology and Scottish political economy.  Schneck will discuss the document’s historical context, describing relevant events that followed the American Revolution, and also will highlight some of the worries of the Anti-Federalists who opposed the Constitution.


The lecture is free and open to the public. For additional information, call 202-319-5128.


SPONSORS:     CUA’s School of Arts and Sciences and CUA’s Department of Politics


MEDIA:             For more information, contact Katie Lee or Chris Harrison in the Office of Public Affairs at 202-319-5600.






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