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25 September 1997

t.gif (986 bytes)he following faculty members are prepared to answer questions or offer informed commentary on the Promise Keepers gathering in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 4.

William Dinges, associate professor of religion and religious education, office: 202-319-5999/5942; home: 301-681-8966

Specialties include religious movements, religion in America, fundamentalism, sects and cults.

Dinges says: "Promise Keepers is one of the fastest-growing non-denominational para-church organizations in recent history. It combines two subcultural forms of assembly in stadiums - sport and religion - and brings contemporary expression to the grand tradition of American evangelical revivalism."

John D. McCarthy, professor of sociology, Office: 202-319-5999/5943

Can speak to the nature of large demonstrations, especially those in Washington, D.C. He will have a team of 60 people making systematic observations of the Promise Keepers, as part of work he is doing on research funded by the National Science Foundation. He has written on religious groups and social movements and media coverage of demonstrations in Washington.

McCarthy says: "Advance indications suggest that the Promise Keepers gathering on Oct. 4 will approach the size of the Million Man March. The crowd is likely to fill the Mall and spill over to the Washington Monument grounds. "

For additional information contact Douglas Lamborne, Office of Public Affairs, at 202-319-5600 and e-mail: lamborne@cua.edu.


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