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Catholic Lawyers in the Next Millennium

6 February 1998

c.gif (1084 bytes)ardinal Adam Maida, archbishop of Detroit and trustee of The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., discussed the important role of Catholic lawyers in the third millennium at the university's Columbus School of Law.

"Ultimately, the truth we serve is God's law which transcends all cultures and all time frames," Cardinal Maida said. "The human laws that we seek to create and enforce are merely so many guardians and manifestations, applications and clarifications of the inner core of all law, the relationship of God with humankind.

"This is the great perspective that we bring to the legal profession as Catholic lawyers. We see more in every case than what meets the eye; we see the potential of grace in every legal unfolding."

Cardinal Maida spoke at the university's 30th annual Pope John XXIII lecture.

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