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An Award for History

12 February 1998

t.gif (986 bytes)imothy J. Meagher, archivist for The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., and director of its Center for Irish Studies, will receive an award in April for his work on a book about Irish history.

The James S. Donnelly Sr. Prize in History is given annually by the American Conference of Irish Studies for the best book on Irish or Irish American history. Meagher and Ronald H. Bayor of the Georgia Institute of Technology co-edited The New York Irish, published by Johns Hopkins University Press in 1996.

The book includes 25 essays by historians and experts in literature and in folk music.

The prize will be awarded at the American Conference of Irish Studies convention on April 17 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Meagher also edited From Paddy to Studs: Irish American Communities in the Turn of the Century Era, published in 1986. It is a collection of essays on the Irish in Lowell and Worcester, Mass., San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia and St. Louis between 1880 and 1920. He has also written articles for the Journal of Social History on Irish ethnic identity, New England Quarterly on St. Patrick's Day parades and the U.S. Catholic Historian on Irish American women.

The Center for Irish Studies promotes the study and appreciation of Irish and Irish American culture and history at Catholic University. It offers a master's degree in Irish Studies, instruction in modern Gaelic, courses in Irish literature, American student internships in the Irish Parliament, encourages development of the University's Irish and Irish American library collections, and offers public lectures and programs.


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