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Pope John Paul II's Visit to Cuba

Religion: Peter Casarella, associate professor, theology
(O) 202-319-5481 (H) 202-364-4335
Expertise: Can speak about how this trip fits into the overall thought and vision behind John Paul II. Can address the distinctive nature of Cuban Catholicism and the recent thawing of relations between Cuban Catholics and Fidel Castro.
Other: Spanish speaker

The Rev. Joseph Komonchak, professor, religion & religious education
(O) 202-319-5700
Expertise: Can speak about the work of Pope John Paul II generally. Father Komonchak is a specialist in the history and theology of the Second Vatican Council.

Michael W. Foley, associate professor, politics
(O) 202-319-5128 / 202-319-5999 / 202-775-4117
Expertise: Contemporary Latin American affairs, Catholic Church in Mexico, modern period of Mexican Catholic history, Latin American debt, peace process in El Salvador
Publications: has written on changing political economy of Latin America, politics of the open economy in Mexico, peasant politics in Mexico and Central America
Other: Spanish speaker

Antonio Perez, associate professor, law
(O) 202-319-5286
Expertise: international legislation, including the Helms- Burton law, otherwise known as the "Cuban Democracy Act," which imposed U.S. sanctions on countries dealing with Cuba.

March for Life

John Berkman, assistant professor, theology
(O) 202-319-5481 (H) 202-319-1322 / berkman@cua.edu
Expertise: A Catholic moral theologian who specializes in biomedical ethics. Subjects of interest include abortion, euthanasia, social ethics, the church and state in a democratic, pluralist society.

Robert A. Destro, associate professor, law (O) 202-319-5202 (H) 703-534-9079 / destro@law.cua.edu
Special interests: bioethics of health care, law and medicine, legal ethics, bioethics, parental rights, church/state relations.
Publications: has written on the Supreme Court, elderly, discrimination against children with disabilities; has testified before Congress on Indian affairs, legal protection of the unborn, religious liberty, grandparents' rights, family law, medical care for the retarded child.
Other: former general counsel for the Catholic League of Religious and Civil Rights, former commissioner for U.S. Civil Rights Commission, former chairman of the subcommittee on medical care discrimination against children with disabilities


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