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State of the Union Address

21 January 1998

John White, professor of politics at The Catholic University of America, is available for interviews about President Clinton's State of the Union address and to comment on the second half of the president's term.

Professor White has done extensive research on the presidency and written books on the presidency, elections, political parties, and voting behavior. He is co-chair of the Committee for Party Renewal, a group of about 500 political scientists from both parties committed to strengthening the political parties.

His publications include his most recent book, "Still Seeing Red: How the Cold War Shaped American Politics" (1997). Other books include: "The Politics of Ideas," dealing with problems political parties have coming up with new ideas (1995); "New Politics of Old Values, How Values Shape American Politics" (1990); and "The Fractured Electorate" (1983).

He also contributed a chapter on vice presidents to Gary Rose's "Controversial Issues in Presidential Selections" (1995).

Professor White can be reached at (o) 202-319-6136 or (h) 301-977-1340.


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