Professors Lisa Gitelman and Jerry Z. Muller Win Research Fellowships

Lisa Gitelman, assistant professor, Departments of English and Media Studies.

Lisa Gitelman, assistant professor of English and media studies, and Jerry Z. Muller, professor of history, are recent faculty recipients of competitive awards.

Professor Gitelman was one of 175 college teachers, university professors and independent scholars to be awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities research fellowship in 2000.

The $35,000 fellowship is designed to allow scholars to take a year off from their teaching duties to focus on a research project, Professor Gitelman said.

Her grant proposal, "Toward a Cultural History of Sound Recording and New Media," described her plan for a book about how media are experienced and studied as historical subjects.

Professor Gitelman will be detailing the history of recorded sound for the book, and will focus on innovations like the phonograph. She intends for the study of yesteryear's "new media" to help in understanding the burgeoning technology of today.

Jerry Z. Muller, professor, Department of History.

 Professor Muller will be traveling to northern Italy this summer to claim his latest award, a competitive spot at the Rockefeller Foundation's retreat for scholars.

The Bellagio Study and Conference Center at the Villa Servelloni is located about an hour from Milan, on the shores of Lake Como. Professor Muller will be one of 140 scholars, scientists and artists from around the world who are invited there each year to work on a book, monograph or other project.

Professor Muller will be using his residency, from July 6 to Aug. 4, to complete revisions on his book The Mind and the Market: Capitalism in Modern European Thought.

The book, one he has been working on for a decade, deals with how European intellectuals from the 18th century to the present have thought about the cultural, moral and political ramifications of capitalism.