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Pope John Paul II Visits the U.S.

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Highlights of Papal Visit

Oct. 18, 1995 VATICAN CITY

"Dear brothers and sisters, During my recent visit to the United States of America, I celebrated the Eucharist with the Catholic communities of Newark, Brooklyn, New York and Baltimore. The United States, as a nation of rich ethnic and cultural diversity, is being challenged to strengthen those truths and values on which the country was founded and without which a genuine democracy cannot prevail.

Throughout my visit, I was impressed by the efforts of America's Catholics to promote a true civilization of love. At Newark, I recalled that America has been, from the beginning, a society marked by hospitality to the newcomer and to those in need. Today that same tradition needs to be affirmed with regard to the unborn, the elderly and the marginalized. In Brooklyn, I spoke of the need to strengthen family life in openness to the mystery of God and his plan, while, at the Mass in New York's Central Park, I encouraged young people to respond to the truth and love of Christ and to bear witness to their faith by building a society worthy of the human person. Finally, at Baltimore, I urged America's Catholics to work for the renewal of their society in light of the Gospel and to recognize that authentic freedom is fulfilled in truth.

May the United States remain ever faithful to its calling as a nation of freedom, virtue and openness to life! As the dawn of the third Christian millennium approaches, I pray that America's Catholics will continue to serve Christ and to proclaim the Gospel of hope with the generosity and dynamism that they have always shown.

I gladly greet the priests taking part in the Institute of Continuing Formation at the Pontifical North American College. My cordial greeting also goes to the pilgrimage from the Archdiocese of New Orleans led by their former pastor, Archbishop Hannan. Upon all the English-speaking visitors, including the pilgrims from England, Scotland, Denmark, the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, Canada and the United States, I invoke the grace and peace of Christ our savior. "

Here are excerpts from Pope John Paul II's messages during October 4-8 visit to the United States.


Wednesday, Oct. 4:

Thursday, Oct. 5:

Friday, Oct. 6:

[IMAGE - Pope John Paul II] On his first visit as pontiff to the United States in 1979, Pope John Paul II visits Catholic University, the nation's only university established by the U.S. Catholic bishops.

Saturday, Oct. 7:

Sunday, Oct. 8:


[IMAGE - Pope John Paul II]

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Pope John Paul II at the Basicilia of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.


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