Employees with 10 and 20 Years of Service Recognized at Dinner

The annual service awards dinner to honor employees with 10 and 20 years of service to the university was held Nov. 28 in the atrium at the Columbus School of Law.

Approximately 180 guests enjoyed an evening of dinner and music performed by musicians from the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music. The Very Rev. David M. O'Connell, C.M., President, hosted the event. This year marks the first year that the 10- and 20-year honorees were recognized at the same program. All employees with more than 20 years of service are invited to the event each year.

As master of ceremonies, Frank Persico, assistant to the president and general secretary of the university, introduced each of the honorees. He spoke of each individual’s contributions to the CUA community as they came forward to receive a pin commemorating their service.

Father O’Connell spoke to those in attendance, thanking them for their efforts.

"Anniversaries are such wonderful occasions. They represent milestones in people’s lives but, more importantly, they celebrate commitment," Father O’Connell said. "In your case, the commitment is not merely to an institution but to a community. A community joined together in a common pursuit of learning and of service to that pursuit.

"As President, I know well what it takes to keep the community here and the institution that has grown up around it healthy and hopeful as we look to the future," he said. "I know there are difficult challenges that we have to face. I also know that we can only hope to make progress if people work together."

The 10-year honorees were:

Julian Bennett, Valerie Brice, Francis Brillantine, Fred Bruhweiler, Michael Buesges, Claressa Butler, Thomas Cohen, Jane M. "Brigid" Cortright, Barbara Early, Sherif El-Helaly, Albert Feemster, Valdis "Bo" Goba, Richard Hassing, Dr. Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Tracy Hunt-White, Shirley Lake, Thomas Marcum, James W. Mayo, John McCarthy, Debbie Middleton, Sally Montgomery, Paul Motsuk, Marie Raber, Robert Schneider, Richard Scowcroft, John Shepherd, Elizabeth Smith, Roberta Spencer-Mayo, Laura Sweet, Jamshed Uppal, Barry Wagner, Danny Weir and Lauri Wood.

Back row, from left : Michael Buesges, Albert Feemster, Frederick Bruhweiler, James Mayo. Middle row: Tracy Hunt-White, Jamshed Uppal, Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Shirley Lake, Julian Bennett, Frances Brillantine, Laura Sweet, Sherif El-Helaly. Front row: Debra Middleton, Brigid Cortright, Father O'Connell, Claressa Butler, Danny Weir.


The 20-year honorees were:

Ann Aubin, Noreen Duszynski, Sr. Mary Jean Flaherty, Hamid Hojaji, David Lipton, Anca Nemoianu, Lorenzo Resca, Richard Starr, Jane White and Maurine Zamberlan.

Back row, from left: Anca Nemoianu, Maurine Zamberlan, Noreen Duszynski, Jane White. Front row: Lorenzo Resca, Hamid Hojaji, Father O'Connell, David Lipton, Ann Aubin.


Those individuals celebrating five- or 10-year anniversaries beyond their 20 years of service at CUA also were recognized at the dinner. Employees with 25 years of service are Pierre Malochee, John Thompson, Joan Vorrasi and John Yanik; Kathern Miraglia and Vickey Shay each have 35 years of service; Antanas Suziedelis and Lucille Sparks have been at CUA for 40 years and Ted Litovitz was noted for 50 years of service.