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Opera Premiere: CUA to Stage "The Furies," 3rd Part of Trilogy Based on Greek Tragedy, the Oresteia


8 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 9
8 p.m., Friday, Feb. 10
8 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 11
4 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 12


The Catholic University of America
Ward Recital Hall
620 Michigan Ave., NE
Washington, D.C.


Catholic University presents "The Furies," a fully-staged chamber production of a new one-act opera and the third part of a trilogy by CUA husband-and-wife faculty members Andrew Earle Simpson and Sarah Brown Ferrario. The first part of the trilogy, "Agamemnon," premiered in April 2003 at Catholic University, the second, "The Libation Bearers," in March 2004 at CUA. Composer Simpson and librettist Ferrario have based the trilogy on the Oresteia, Aeschylus' tragic three-part series on the house of Agamemnon, with its themes of justice and the triumph of reason over passion.

In the trilogy's first part, Agamemnon, king of Argos, returns home victorious after 10 years fighting the Trojan War, only to be murdered by his queen, Klytemnestra. The second part details Klytemnestra's murder by her son Orestes. The concluding part, "The Furies," depicts Orestes' acquittal of the crime.

Michael Scarola, a member of the New York City Opera's directing staff, is director of "The Furies." Adam Turner, a graduate student in the conducting program at CUA's Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, will conduct a chamber ensemble for "The Furies."

Talks will be given by the composer and librettist at 7 p.m. on the days of the evening performances and at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 12. All talks will be held at the music school, Room 139, immediately adjacent to Ward Recital Hall. The performances are free and open to the public, but seating is limited. For additional information, visit the opera Web site at or contact the composer at 202-319-5564 or


Benjamin T. Rome School of Music

To cover "The Furies" contact Katie Lee or Chris Harrison in the Office of Public Affairs at 202-319-5600.

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