The Catholic University of America

Feb. 3, 2006

CUA Student Group to Host Model U.N. Conference

Approximately 200 high school students will travel to Catholic University this month to participate in the 7th annual Model U.N. Conference, sponsored by the International Affairs Association - a CUA undergraduate organization. Scheduled Feb. 9 to 12, the conference will be attended by students from California, Florida, North Carolina and the Washington, D.C., area.

"We're very excited to promote cultural awareness to young people from across the country," says Jon Hartrey, director general of CUA's Model U.N organization and a CUA senior media studies major from Scarsdale, N.Y. "The conference is also a great opportunity to expose our beautiful campus to potential CUA students."

The conference will feature debates, votes, policy discussions, bill resolutions and two "crisis-simulation conferences," each addressing a mock crisis situation such as an assassination or terrorist bombing. Students also will be encouraged to spend part of the weekend exploring the political attractions of Washington, D.C.

Hartrey says the annual conference helps International Affairs Association students with their management skills and prepares them for future careers in international politics. Comprising approximately 50 members, the group participated in a University of Pennsylvania Model U.N. Conference last October and in April will attend another conference at the University of Chicago.

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