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Jan. 30, 2006

CUA Presidential Scholar John Kenneth White Available to Comment on State of the Union Address

John Kenneth White, a presidential scholar and professor of politics at The Catholic University of America, is available to comment on what challenges he thinks President George W. Bush will face during Tuesday night's State of the Union address.

"It is my view that Bush is in serious trouble and that the State of the Union address will do little to cure what ails his administration," White says. "Iraq is front and center and it is through that prism that the public views Bush. The result is a presidency that is in trouble because this president cannot change the subject."

White also will be available via cell phone to provide comment directly after the State of the Union address.

White has analyzed recent polling figures dating back to the Truman administration to support his thesis about the declining Bush presidency in the recent papers, "The Death of a Presidency," which appeared in the most recent issue of "The Forum: A Journal of Applied Research in Contemporary Politics," ( and "A Presidency on Life Support," which appeared in The Polling Report (

A frequent commentator for print and broadcast media, White can provide insight on the presidency and the impact of values, including moral and Catholic values, on the American electorate. Author of "The Values Divide: American Politics and Culture in Transition," he works extensively with international pollster John Zogby. He has coined the phrase "E pluribus duo," to describe the United States' political polarization into two competing political camps.

For copies of "The Death of a Presidency" or "A Presidency on Life Support" or to contact White for interviews, contact him directly by phone at 202-319-6136 (office) or 240-475-0774 (mobile) or by e-mail at

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