The Catholic University of America

Feb. 10, 2010

Father Bob Offers a Walk Around Campus in the Snow

While most people in the Washington, D.C., area were hunkered down during the blizzards of the past week, one well-known Catholic University administrator set out on foot with a video camera to share what was happening on campus.

Rev. Robert Schlageter, O.F.M. Conv., university chaplain and director of Campus Ministry - Father Bob as he's known on campus - narrated two videos for parents and others wondering how CUA was holding up during the "Snowpocalypse."

During the weekend, he showed how the main roads on campus, walkways between buildings and parking lots were being cleared. "We just want to let everyone know that everything is fine here at CUA," Father Schlageter said in a video titled "The Blizzard of 2010 at The Catholic University of America."

In a second video titled "Great Snow Adventure at The Catholic University of America," Father Schlageter took advantage of a lull between snowstorms on Tuesday to ask students how they were spending their time. "Is there any studying going on?" he asked. "Let's go and find out," he said as he headed through campus with a video camera.

With a Beethoven symphony playing in the background, the video shows one clever student answering Father Schlageter's question. "We've done so much studying that we don't need class for the next three days," the student says. "We're ahead."