The Catholic University of America

Jan. 8, 2010

CUA Offers Master’s Program in Materials Science

In a new interdisciplinary offering, Catholic University is introducing a Master of Science degree in materials science and engineering.

The new graduate degree is among programs being developed by CUA to meet the demands of industry in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Many fields of science and engineering are concerned with materials selection and design. As a result, the graduate program is expected to draw a diversity of full- and part-time students interested in enhancing their careers.

Materials science studies the properties of material such as metals and ceramics. From fiber optics to MRIs, materials science is behind many of the things that support and enhance our everyday life, says Biprodas Dutta, associate professor of physics and director of the materials science and engineering program. “The scope of potential innovation is unimaginable.”

The program is part of the School of Engineering but will draw on expert faculty and resources from the School of Arts and Sciences, including the Department of Physics. The program has a strong research component, which will be facilitated by CUA’s Nanotechnology Center. “The materials science program was formed as a result of our research interests and the synergy of CUA faculty,” Dutta says. “We are training the next generation of American scientists.”

The curriculum emphasizes advances in existing and emerging technologies in five areas: nanotechnology; biomaterials; magnetic and optical materials; glasses, ceramics and metallurgy; and processing and instrumentation.

Two courses are being offered in the spring 2010 semester: Mechanical Properties of Materials and Electrical Properties of Materials. Other courses will be added in fall 2010, with more than 30 science and engineering courses eventually making up the program. CUA will be one of the few U.S. universities offering a course on artificial organ engineering.

Working professionals will find the program designed for them, with evening courses offered at an affordable tuition.

Students in the program will have access to research and internship opportunities, including at CUA’s Nanotechnology Center and Vitreous State Laboratory; the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; and the National Institutes of Health.

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