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Jan. 13, 2010

CUA Experts Available to Discuss United States Terrorism Policies

In the wake of the failed terrorist attack near Detroit and subsequent public discussions on U.S. national security, experts at The Catholic University of America are available to discuss counter-terrorism and national security policy.

  • TERRORISM, JUST WAR TRADITION AND THE MORALITY OF USING MILITARY FORCE  — Maryann Cusimano Love, associate professor of international relations, studies non-state, transnational threats like terrorism, and the morality of U.S. foreign policy interventions. She has written two books on the topic: “Beyond Sovereignty” and “Morality Matters: Ethics of the War on Terrorism.” For the past several years she has been giving speeches and conference talks around the world warning of transnational threats and addressing the ability of present U.S. government structures to deal with such threats. She is an adviser to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on issues of international peace and justice and a fellow at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, which provides policy advice to the President and Secretary of State. She also teaches in CUA's graduate Pentagon Program.

    Love can be reached at 443-964-8994 or by e-mail:

  • COUNTER-TERRORISM AND THE LAW — Antonio F. Perez, professor at CUA’s Columbus School of Law, can discuss a broad range of international legal issues, including extradition; use of force; use of covert authority; domestic, constitutional and foreign relations issues; and sanctions (economic and otherwise). He worked on law enforcement and intelligence issues, including counter-terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, in the U.S. State Department’s legal adviser’s office. He is a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Perez can be reached at 202-319-5820 (office) or 703-850-5764 (mobile) or by e-mail:

  • U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY POLICY — Wallace Thies, professor of politics, specializes in U.S. national security policy, with an interest in terrorism. He is available to discuss connections between the war on terrorism, the unrest in Iraq and Afghanistan and the potential for greater terrorist activity here and abroad as a result of both. He is the author of three books — one on the conduct of the Vietnam War and two on NATO — as well as about 20 articles on various topics related to military strategy and national security issues.

    Thies can be reached at 301-774-1264 (home) or by e-mail:

To search for other CUA faculty who serve as experts for the media, visit the online Faculty Experts Guide at: or contact Katie Lee or Mary McCarthy in the Office of Public Affairs for more assistance at 202-319-5600.