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Sept. 2, 2011

Update on Relocation of Marist Hall Offices and Classes

Provost James Brennan, Vice President for Finance Cathy Wood, and other University administrators met today to discuss structural damages caused to Marist Hall by the August 23 earthquake. They were briefed by the structural engineer who evaluated the building at Catholic University’s request following the seismic event. He advised that the southwest wing of the building needs to be shored up without delay before more permanent repairs are made. Until short-term repairs are completed, there will be no access to the building.

In preparation for the work that needs to be done, the entire building has been vacated. As previously stated, the Office of Enrollment Services is relocating classes previously scheduled for Marist and has been contacting students and instructors affected by the change. A PDF list of temporary class relocations to other venues on campus is being posted at the enrollment services website.

In addition, a plan is being developed to effect the phased relocation of offices from Marist Hall to other buildings on campus. Among those being moved from Marist Hall are faculty from the School of Library and Information Science and the School of Arts and Sciences. Affected faculty in those schools will be consulted prior to their individual moves, and the assigned destinations will be distributed early next week through the respective deans. Staff with offices in Marist Hall are being contacted by representatives in the Office of Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations about their relocation.

The University anticipates that long-term repairs to the building will take at least several months and perhaps longer.

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