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Sept. 19, 2012

CUA Experts Available to Discuss Claim About Wife of Jesus Papyrus

Experts at The Catholic University of America are available to discuss the claim that an ancient scrap of papyrus refers to Jesus having a wife. Each source has extensive media experience.

David Bosworth, assistant professor of Old Testament, specializes in Hebrew narrative and poetry, violence in the Old Testament, psychological interpretation of Scripture (effects of the Bible on readers), and ancient Near Eastern literature related to the Old Testament.

Contact Bosworth at 202-319-4775 or

Hellen Mardaga, assistant professor of New Testament, is an expert in the Gospel of John, the synoptic gospels, the vocabulary of Luke, New Testament philology, and the use of biblical themes in popular religious thrillers.

Contact Mardaga at 202-319-6885 or

Robert Miller II, O.F.S., a secular Franciscan, associate professor of Old Testament and biblical studies area director, is an expert in the history and archaeology of ancient Israel/Palestine; the Bible and theology; anthropological methods, especially dealing with orality, myth, culture; the ancient Near Eastern influences that have shaped the development of the Old Testament; and the book of Judges.

Contact Miller at 202-319-6702 or

For assistance in reaching sources, contact public affairs staffers Katie Lee or Lisa Carroll at 202-319-5600. To search for other CUA faculty experts, visit the Faculty Experts Guide at



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